Collecting Expeditions

August-December 2023 Mts Patah, Bandahara, Kemiri, Sumatra, Indonesia

February-April 2023 Mt. Gede, West Java, Indonesia

April-May 2022 Black Gap WMA, Texas, USA

May 2021 Davis Mountains, Texas, USA

July-August 2019 Mt. Murud, Sarawak, Malaysia

July 2018 Mt. Galang, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

March-April 2018 Mt. Talamau, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

November-December 2017 Mt. Torompupu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

August-September 2017 Mt. Katopasa, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

October-November 2016 Mt. Bawakaraeng, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

July-August 2016 Mt. Latimojong, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

February-March 2016 Mt. Ambang, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

June 2015 Mt. Talamau, West Sumatra, Indonesia

June-July 2014 Samar Island, The Philippines

September-October 2014 Mts. Tujuh and Masurai, Jambi, Indonesia

November-December 2013 Bangka Island, Indonesia

September-October 2013 Mt. Salak, Mt. Ijen, and Mt. Slamet, Java, Indonesia

March 2013 Mt. Dako, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

January 2013 Mt. Kerinci and Mt. Tujuh, Jambi, Indonesia

January 2013 Belitung Island, Indonesia

June-July 2012 Mt. Singgalang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

May-June 2012 Mt. Gandang Dewata, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Non-Collecting Expeditions

October 2017 Solok Selatan, West Sumatra, Indonesia

June 2017 Wilson Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

November 2016 Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia

November 2015 Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia

December 2014 Runtu, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mei 2014 Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

June-July 2013 Kota Waringin Barat, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

April 2012 Mt. Malintang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

October 2011 Marak Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia

October 2010 Siberut Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia

September 2010 Mt. Sago, West Sumatra, Indonesia

July 2010 Angkola, North Sumatra, Indonesia

June 2009 Mt. Merapi, West Sumatra, Indonesia