How many species of mammals are on a certain island? Does the current taxonomy reflect their evolutionary history? These are the kind of questions I seek to answer in my research. For my dissertation, I am focusing on the Bunomys Clade, a group of mice endemic to Sulawesi island in Indonesia. I am also involved in other projects looking at shrews taxonomy and their evolutionary history in Southeast Asia.


My work focus on understanding the pattern of distribution within the Bunomys Clade on Sulawesi. More coming soon...

Biodiversity Inventory

More coming soon...

Specimen Digitization

This project is led by Dr. Nurainas at the Herbarium Universitas Andalas (ANDA) funded through the collection and data mobilization grant provided by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Project progress is available here.

Open Source Software

C and C++ tend to be the de facto choice to develop high performance software for phylogenetics. Writing memory and thread safe (free from data race) code in C or C++ is difficult. For example, it is not uncommon to see software written using the two language having segmentation faults. I am investigating the use of Rust to develop tools for phylogenetics. Rust offers performance as fast as C and C++, while being memory and thread safe.